21.10.2013: "YOGA FIRE / HUNDENE" - Music Video Grading

Yoga Fire are well known for their explosive live performances. The band dates back to 2005, and comprises of former members of "Klovner i kamp" and "Apollo".
Early on they gathered a large following, and won an MTV EMA Award and a Spellemannpris (The Norwegian Grammy).

Yoga Fire is back,stronger than ever, featuring a new singer and a brand new album "Opp som en konge".

The new singer, Benjamin Helstad, has an incredible voice and stage presence.
In addition to having great vocal skills he is a promising actor, who already has stared a main part in the Norwegian movie "King of Devil's Island" (Kongen av Bastøy) together with the superb Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgård (The Avengers, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Thor, Pirates of the Caribbean).

"Hundene" (The Dogs) is directed by Thea Hvistendahl and beautifully shot by DOP Andreas Langeland Bjørseth.
They choose to shoot the music video with an Arri Alexa camera using the full 4:3-sensor.

We explored different approaches to create the appropriate black and white grade, using the separate colour-channels to adjust the tonality of the images.
This produces a far better range to work from than just slamming the saturation to zero, and tweaking the contrast after the fact.
The look was in some regard inspired by the British black and white movie "Control". It was our take on the British working-class vibe.

To enhance the filmic look we also added 35mm film-grain while colouring.
An honest, organic universe, with a slight hint of comedy, pretty much describes the music video.
I really like the deliberate use of zooms in the cinematography. Old 35mm lenses where used throughout the shoot to maintain a less digital impression.

Check out the result: "Hundene"!

Credit shortlist:
Artist: Yoga Fire
Label: MTG Music
Director / Editor: Thea Hvistendahl
Cast: Benjamin Helstad , Rocky the Dog
Cinematographer: Andreas Langeland Bjørseth
Sound Design: Jens Mathias Falkenberg
Set Design: Katinka Grinde Levorstad
Colourist: Dylan R. Hopkin

Technical details:
Duration: 2:50 min
Original Format: Arri Alexa, 4:3, 2048x1536 pixels, QT Prores44444 Log-C
Release Format: HD
Aspect: 4:3

Post-production gear:
Grade: DaVinci Resolve (MAC)

Yoga Fire: Official Homepage
Yoga Fire: Facebook
Yoga Fire: MTG Music

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