Life is filled with big questions. How long is our time on earth?
A father and his young son is on the beach. The son is in a thoughtful state of mind.

Supernova was written and directed by the very talented Morten Hovland, who has written scripts for a number of drama productions.
The short was shot by cinematographer Svein Bjørtomt on 16mm film. He captured the scorching heat, which we later enhanced while grading.

I did the grade, vfx and titles for Supernova. Being one of my first attempts at grading drama, I remember it was a real thrill and a huge challenge to get the opportunity.

All in all I think the movie got a memorable look, that made the short stand out in a positive manor.

Credit shortlist:
Production Companies: Fabelaktiv / Paradox
Producers: Kristian Kamp / Arild Halvorsen
Writer / Director: Morten Hovland
DOP: Svein Bjørtomt FNF
Editor: Bjørn Thomassen
Colourist / Online Artist: Dylan R. Hopkin
Sound design: Rune Pedersen
Music: Christine Sandtorv

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