14.05.11: "Å snu seg mot solen" - NOVEL film: Grading & Online

Welcome to 1966 and the world of teenage romance!
"Å snu seg mot solen" (Towards the sun) is the sweet story about how Lennart (12) gets his life turned upside down when a new girl moves to the neighborhood.

Julia, is different to other girls he has met. She looks remarkably like the models in the french fashion magazines he reads. Lennart, being slightly shy, gets to know Julia in his own special way, and learns that she has a dark secret.

The movie is director Nina Knag´s exam film from "Westerdals School of Communication".
I heard about the project via the editor, Svein Olav Sandem, whom I have worked with on several other projects.

I fell in love with the story, cast and production design. It´s pretty impressive for a super-low-budjet "school-film".
Which proves that you don't need a bundle a cash to make a nice film.

Together with the director and DOP Magnus Flåto we created a warm and soft look for the movie while grading.

Since the camera of choice was a Canon 7D, I had to "help" the images a bit extra to squeeze more out of the footage.
This included noise reduction to remove H246 compression artifacts and regraining with 35mm film grain.
I also did some vfx-shots in online and designed the graphics.

The movie has been bought by Norwegian national broadcaster (NRK) and was just selected to be shown at Cannes Court Métrage 2012 during the Cannes Film Festival.

Credit shortlist:
Production Company: Westerdals School of Communication
Screenplay: Nina Knag & Ingrid Skagestad
Producer: Ingrid Skagestad
Director: Nina Knag
DOP: Magnus Flåto
Sound Design: Edward Myhre
Editor: Svein Olav Sandem
Colourist / Online Artist: Dylan R. Hopkin

Technical details:
Format: Canon 7D DSLR
Aspect: 1.78:1
Duration: Approx. 26 minutes

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