I just finished grading four fantastic TV-commercials for Norways largest music festival, Øyafestivalen.
The TVCs were directed by Magnus Rye, shot by DOPs Håvar Karlsen / Magnus Owe and feature vibrant illustrations by Uglylogo / byHands.
All the illustrations where brought to life by the talented crew at Øyedrops, headed by Mads Hornsletten.

The director wanted to feature some of the festival's main headliners as cartoon characters in live action urban environments.
Each artist have their own film: Outcast, Queens of the Stone Age, Røyksopp & Robyn and Todd Terje.

The grade needed to compliment the punchyness of the illustrasions, yet without going to over the top with the saturation.
I worked with work-in-progress vesions of the drawings as seperate layers while grading the live action imagery beneath.
Each film had it's own vibe, but they all needed to have a common feeling.
The graded plates where then sent back for the final compositing and animation.

I think they turned out well, I hope you think so too. Check them out!

Credit shortlist:
Client: Øyafestivalen
Director / Producer: Magnus Rye
Cinematography: Håvar Karlsen , Magnus Owe
Illustrations: Uglylogo / byHands
VFX: Øyedrops
Tracking and animation: Mehmet Ôzdemir 
Animation og compositing: Mads Hornsletten 
Music: Marius Ergo
Producer (Øyedrops): Marianne Kvaale Jenssen
Colorist: Dylan R. Hopkin - ShortCut Norge

Technical details:

Original Format: Arri Alexa, Canon 5D Mk3 with Magic Lantern RAW firmware
Aspect: 16:9
Release Format: National TV / Web


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