I just finished grading two fantastic TV-commercials for Norways largest music festival, Øyafestivalen.
The TVCs were excellently directed by Magnus Rye, beautifully shot by DOP Håvar Karlsen and feature luscious vfx / motion graphics
by the talented crew at Øyedrops, headed by Mads Hornsletten.

The theme for campaign is "urban-magic", which describes the look and feel really well.
Mythical creatures in the concrete jungle. Both the commercials were shot on RED EPIC at 120fps in 4K.
Be sure to check out the cool production blog by the DOP that gives a peek behind the scenes of the shoot.

The director and cinematographer wanted a fresh look, something that wasn´t typical for urban environments.
Instead of choosing the well-used harsh, cold, desaturated palette for the "wolves", we went in the opposite direction: full blown Armageddon!
Yet adding small drops of complimenting colors here and there in the shadows.

The "Unicorn" needed a different touch of light, something slightly more soothing. It is a heavenly beast after all.
Enhancing the magic and making the creatures stand out was our main goal.

I must say that that both the wolves and the unicorn became delightful eye-candy.

Check them out!

Credit shortlist:
Client: Øyafestivalen
Producer: Anders Pederesen -
Director: Magnus Rye
Cinematography: Håvar Karlsen
Focus Puller: Espen Gulbrandsen
Camera assistant: Christoffer Krook
Grip: Erling Andresen -
Lighting: Jørgen Werner
VFX / GFX: Øyedrops
Matchmoving: Mads Hornsletten, Fredrik Conradi Karlsen
3D: Morten Nilsen, Fredrik Conradi Karlsen, Morten Lund.
Compositing: Mads Hornsletten
Concept art: Espen sætervik
Music: Marius Ergo
Audiomix: Øystein Rånes
Colorist: Dylan R. Hopkin - ShortCut Norge

Technical details:

Original Format: RED Epic
Aspect: 16:9
Release Format: National TV / Web


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