01.12.2016: "ODD ER ET EGG" - ANIMATED SHORT film - Grading

“Odd is an egg” is an animated film for children aged four to ten years based on the book with the same title, written and illustrated by Lisa Aisato.

“Odd is an egg” is the story about seven year old Odd who is so worried about cracking his head that his entire life has come to a standstill.
Everyday life is controlled by fear of what might happen on the way to school or gym class.
To alleviate his worst anxiety he pads his head with a tea cosy for protection. Then he meets Gunn the bee who is fearless and enjoys life.
Gunn helps Odd to free him from all worries.

Credit shortlist:
Production Company: Qvisten Animation
Producers:Fredrik Fottland, Kristin Ulseth & Luís da Matta Almeida
Director: Kristin Ulseth
Director of animation: Yaprak Morali
Art Direction: Lisa Aisato
Sound Design: Gisle Tveito
Colourist: Dylan R. Hopkin

Full credits:

Technical details:
Format: Animation
Aspect: 1.85:1
Distribution: Cinema
Duration: Approx. 12 minutes

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