Together with fellow artist Marit Larsen, Marion Ravn was part of the former pop-duo M2M, who were very popular and sold approx. 12 million records
between 1999 - 2002. When M2M broke up, the record label (Atlantic) wanted to launch Marion Ravn as a solo artist.

Ravn has released several solo albums, and sang a duet with Meat Loaf on the album Bat Out of Hell III (2006).

The last five years Ravn has been featured as a judge / mentor on the Norwegian TV-shows "Idol" and "X-Factor", and been writing new solo-material.

She is making her comeback in 2012 with a new album. The first single from the yet to be released album is "Colors Turn To Grey".

Director Marie Kristiansen approached ShortCut concerning the post-production for the music video.
After reading the treatment for the video, we were exited to be able to take part in the creative post-production.

DOP Gaute Gunari choose the new RED Epic camera for the shoot, and used a selection of exotic kaleidoscope-lenses and mirrors to make a unique look.
The funky edit was skillfully handled by Thomas Trælnes, and the grade was beautifully executed by Julien Alary. Both whom are fellow colleagues of mine at ShortCut.

I had the pleasure to do the online, which included the design of graphical "kaleidoscope flowers" and some subtitle beauty-work.
All in all the video really turned out great, and has a nice balance between a high-fashion look and a more traditional performance music video. Great fun!

Check it out!

Credit shortlist:
Artist: Marion Ravn
Label: Playroom Music
Production Company: Kandidat
Director: Marie Kristiansen
DOP: Gaute Gunari
Post Production: Nordisk Film Shortcut Norway
In-House Producer: Espen Skjetne
Offline Editor: Thomas Trælnes
Colorist: Julien Alary
Online Artist: Dylan R. Hopkin
I/O-assist / conform: Raymond Gangstad

Technical details:
Original Format: RED Epic (5K)
Release Format: HD
Aspect: Full frame 16:9

Post-production gear:
Offline: Final Cut Pro 7
Online: Autodesk Smoke & After Effects
Grade: Da Vinci Resolve

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