I just graded and onlined 6 x TV-commercials for the a popular Norwegian food website, Matprat (Foodtalk).

The director (TBA), and the cinematographer Håvar Karlsen wanted a warm cosy look to spark the feeling of togetherness while preparing and eating tasty food
during the Christmas season. All the participants in the films are normal people, not actors, portrayed in their natural surroundings.

Matprat are owned by all Norwegian farmers, and informs the public on how to prepare great meals based on the delicious Norwegian egg and meat products.

The commercials are broadcasting on national TV right now, and on Vimeo.

Credit shortlist:
Client: Matprat
Director: TBA
Cinematographer: Håvar Karlsen
Offline: Thomas Refsum
Colorist / Online: Dylan R. Hopkin (NF ShortCut)
Sound Design: Marius Ytterdal (Universal Sound)
Design profile: Bleed
Motion graphics: Øyedrops

Post-production gear:
Offline: Adobe Premiere / FCP7
Grade: Da Vinci Resolve
Online: Autodesk Smoke / Adobe After Effects

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