21.12.2012: "Maribel / Jezibel Jive" - Music Video Grading

Once again I had the pleasure to work with director Vibeke Heide on one of her music videos. This time for the band Maribel.
Maribel's style is often characterized as atmospheric dream-pop.

I immediately loved the dark-pulse of the song "Jezibel Jive", which is the first single from Maribel's 2nd LP "Reveries" Due out in 2012 on Splendour.
Director Heide and DOP Janne Lindgren managed to create a small, yet interesting universe that suits the music well. I like the organic, none "flashiness"
of the actors performance and the somewhat creepy location. A simple but very artistic approach.

Credit shortlist:
Music: Maribel
Label: Splendour
Director: Vibeke Heide
DOP: Janne Lindgren
Colourist: Dylan R. Hopkin

Technical details:
Original Format: Canon 7D DSLR
Release Format: 720p
Aspect: Full frame 16:9

Maribel's Myspace page
NRK-lydverket: Videorama

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