03.05.2015: "Loveless - They Don't Know ft. Varren Wade" - MUSIC VIDEO GRADING

Director Christian F. Schüssler is back with another great music video. This time he has created a poetic film for the Norwegian duo Loveless (Eirik Tillerli & Filip Kollsete).

The video was beautifully shot by DOP Åsmund Hasli using a Red Epic with Kowa anamorphic lenses.
I simply adore the look that anamorphic lenses give, cinematic, creamy images with that tasty oval bokeh.

The director and DOP wanted a couple of different looks for this video. A vibrant palette for the build up of the story where we meet the girl in her bedroom, and the boy on the subway. When daylight appears in the woods. We went for a creamy French 70s-look with inky blacks and less saturation.
The video ends with a more energetic vibe which we enhanced with cyan - orange evening scenes to create a powerful colour complement.

Kick back and enjoy this great video!

Credit shortlist:
Artist: Loveless
Label: Sony Music
Production company: Viper Film
Director: Christian F. Schüssler
Cinematographer: Åsmund Hasli
Editor: Magnus Evensen & Christian F. Schüssler
VFX: Christian F. Schüssler & Pål Christian Aarø
Colourist: Dylan R. Hopkin

Technical details:
Duration: 4:00 min
Original Format: RED Epic
Release Format: Full HD
Aspect: Full frame 2.40:1

Post-production gear:
Grade: Da Vinci Resolve
Online / VFX: Adobe After Effects
Offline: Adobe Premiere CC2014


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