15.02.2014: "David Åhlén / Linger (feat. Timbre)" - MUSIC VIDEO GRADING

The music video for Swedish artist David Åhlén takes place at one of Norway´s most beautiful locations, The Atlantic Road.
Director Ann Holmgren wrote a lovely treatment for this video, which I instantly fell in love with when cinematographer Janne Lindgren asked if I would like to grade the piece.

David Åhlén´s song is so mellow, charismatic and full of emotion.

The video is shot during dusk, where we follow a homeless women wheeling her shopping-trolley by the roadside.
She discovers a glowing egg, which she carefully picks up and keeps safe. Early in the morning she wakes up to a surprise.

For the grade the DOP and director wanted an organic evening look, with a slight touch of the cool Nordic light.

Check out the final video here!

Credit shortlist:
Artist: David Åhlén
Director / Editor: Ann Holmgren
Produsent: Helen Komini Olsen
Cast: Line Cancino
DOP: Janne Lindgren
Focuspuller: Hans Magnus Kvåle
Makup: Hege Sky
VFX: Egil Pedersen
Colorist: Dylan R. Hopkin

Camera: RED Epic
Aspect: 2.39:1
Duration: 2:25

Post-production gear:
Offline:Final Cut 7 (MAC)
Grade: Da Vinci Resolve (MAC)

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The Atlantic Road

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