18.01.2016: "WOMEN&WINE (KVINNER&CAVA)" - SHORT film - Grading

Turid, brilliantly acted by Marit Andreassen, is afraid that her position as Grete's best friend has been compromised. They have lived far apart for several years.
So she decides to arrange a surprise birthday party for Grete. This is start of a funny chain of events, mixed with a portion of embarrassing situations.

I had great pleasure grading this short film together with director Liv Karin Dahlstrøm and DOP Audun Gjelsvik Magnæs.
It was the first time I had worked with Dahlstrøm, she has great incite in making interesting stories with a added layer of humor.
The script and acting for this film is smashing!

I have previously graded several music videos with DOP Magnæs, but not fiction.
He is an extremely talented visual storyteller who captures great imagery through his lens. It was cool to finally grade fiction together.

The main brief for the look, was that the film should feel natural, not having a stylized colour grade.
But as we all know, not having a look, is actually a look in it´s self.

We worked on keeping the pictures organic, yet maintaining a tight contrast and vibrant, yet balanced colours.
One of the most challenging parts of the grade was to achieve a gradual change from early evening to night time during the final scene of the film.
A hybrid mix of day-for-night looks and animated grades solved the situation. Which turned out very nice.

I´ll post a teaser as soon as it´s available.

The film will be screened at festival throughout 2016.

Credit shortlist:
Production company: Ape&Bjørn
Producer: Isak Eymundsson
Director: Liv Karin Dahlstrøm
Screenwriters: Liv Karin Dahlstrøm &
Cast: Marit Andreassen, Jeanne Bøe ,
DOP: Audun Gjelsvik Magnæs
Sound Design: Jorunn Børve Eriksen
Editor: Trude Lirhus
Colourist: Dylan R. Hopkin

Full credit

Technical details:

Duration: 20 min
Original Format: RED Dragon (4K)
Release Format: 2K DCP
Aspect: 1.85:1

Post-production gear:
Grade: DaVinci Resolve (MAC)

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