10.10.2010: "Harry's Gym / Old Man" - Music Video Grading & Online

One of my favorite bands, Harry's Gym, have just released their second full length album: "What Was Ours, Can't Be Your's". "Old Man" is the first single.

We're talking about dark, intelligent, ambient, electronic pop-rock with progressive elements.
Their first album gained a lot of attention, which landed them with a record deal with Universal Music.

Harry's Gym have brought their music to an international audience, and are currently playing gigs in Los Angeles and Reykjavik.

Once again I had the pleasure to grade and online a music video for these extremely talented artists.
The unique style of director Vibeke Heide suites the music seamlessly, lifting the song to new heights.

Vibeke and I chose to go with a cold environment with desaturated skin tones, yet still maintaining slightly warm complections.
We also added subtle lens artifacts to create a more organic feeling.

Several music videos are planed for this album. I hope to take part on them too. Click image above to see the video!

Credit shortlist:
Music / Lyrics: Anne Lise Frøkedal
Director: Vibeke Heide
DOP: Zoë Schmederer
Editor: Vesa Happonen
Colourist / Online Artist: Dylan R. Hopkin

Technical details:
Duration: 3:28 min
Original Format: RED One
Release Format: Full HD
Aspect: Full frame 16:9

Harry's Gym Official Homepage

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