Ragnarok is an action packed family adventure in the vein of "Jurassic Park", "National Treasure and "Indiana Jones".
This genre of movies are not usually produced in Norway, but FanteFilm is a bold production company who creates large scale
Hollywood-style stories with a Scandinavian twist. I simply love what they do!

We follow Sigurd, a archaeologist and father of two, played by Pål Sverre Hagen (Kon-Tiki).
He is obsessed about finding the real meaning behind the Viking-runes found on the 1000 year old Oseberg Viking ship. "Man knows little"...
Together with his two children, his friend Allen and Allen's assistant, Elisabeth, they travel to the outskirts of northern Norway to investigate.

They find more than they bargained for.

You´ll experience breathtaking nature, suspense, adrenalin rushing action and outstanding vfx work, including the huge Midgard Serpent.
As with all feature films the team behind the production is massive, and includes many talented people.
The Danish VFX-company Ghost did all the heavy vfx for the movie, including some awesome creature work!
Nordisk Film ShortCut (where I work), did the sound design, grading, online and masteringer.

Director Mikkel Brænne Sandemose really hit this one out of the park.
His steady hand and creative vision has moved the story from a screenplay to the silver screen, and given us characters we can care about.
Both the producers, Martin Sundland and Are Heidenstrom have been heavily involved on the creative side of the production too.

I had the pleasure to do the final online for the feature film, as well as the online for all the trailers / teasers.
It was great fun working with the director and the producers. They had a clear vision of what they wanted throughout the whole production.

The movie was featured at the American festival Fantastic Fest 2013, and received great reviews.
Ragnarok has been sold to a large number of foreign distributors, so make sure to ask about the movie in your country.

Check out the second trailer!

Credit shortlist:
Production Company: Fante Film
Producers: Martin Sundland , Are Heidenstrom
Line Producer: Roy Anderson
Director: Mikkel Brænne Sandemose
Screenplay: John Kåre Raake
Cast: , , , , ,
DOP: Daniel Voldheim
Film Editor: Christian Siebenherz
Sound Design: Christian Schaanning
Original Music: Magnus Beite
VFX: Ghost
VFX Supervisor: Ivan Kondrup Jensen
Associate VFX Supervisor: Arne Kaupang
Colorist: Julien Alary
Online Editor: Dylan R. Hopkin

Full credits:

Camera: Arri Alexa (ArriRaw)
Aspect: 2.39:1
Duration: 100 minutes
Release date: 04 October 2013

Post-production gear:
Online: Autodesk Smoke
Grade: Da Vinci Resolve (Linux / MAC)
Audio: Digidesign Protools
DCP: DVS Clipster

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