24.10.2013: "Fender Heist feat. Fröder / Fighter" - Music Video Grading

Music videos are great fun to work on, a perfect outlet to try different approaches within form and colour.
Director Christian F. Schüssler and cinematographer Espen Olsen co-operated on visualizing Fender Heist's funky track “Fighter”.

Fender Heist are well known for their impressive music writing skills and have already been acknowledged by the music press as the potential next big thing.
They are favorites of the National Norwegian broadcaster NRK, who have had their music on the radio charts on several occasions.
The band comprises of Fender A and Fender C. The curious band name has got nothing to do with Fender guitars by the way. Boat fenders are the name of the game.
On this track the duo has teamed up with the talented female singer Fröder.

I had the pleasure to grade the video, which took place in the small hours of the night. It was cool to work creatively with Schüssler and Olsen,
and help them reach the look they were looking for, a chilling appearance, coated in a mysterious menacing light, yet still keeping some humanity.
I hope to work with these guys again soon.

Check out "Fighter"!

Credit shortlist:
Music: Fender Heist
Label: Toothfairy
Director: Christian F. Schüssler
Cinematographer: Espen Olsen
Editor: Christian F. Schüssler
Colourist: Dylan R. Hopkin

Technical details:
Duration: 3:28 min
Original Format: RED Epic
Release Format: Full HD
Aspect: Full frame 16:9

Post-production gear:
Offline: Adobe Premiere
Grade: Da Vinci Resolve
Online / VFX: Adobe After Effects

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