01.02.2011: "EstherOrkester / SKIP A BEAT" - Music Video Grading & Online

Producers Ingrid Sølverud and Kristian Mosvold where planing to make a music video for the Norwegian group "EstherOrkester".

I read the script and talked to the director Janic Heen, so that I could better understand what they wanted to achieve.
After hearing the song and understanding the concept, I was eager to work on this fantastic project.

There was definitely something soothing and magical about it all.

Magic is in fact a central part of the music video, but you can find that out for yourself.

I had a great grading session with the talented director Janic Heen and DOP Hans Kristian Riise, where we explored different looks that could
fit the vibe of "Skip A Beat". I also did one of the VFX-shots where Esther literally "takes off".

The crew had done an really good job and the scenography / props were fantastic.

But most importantly, I must not forget the great performance given by the actors and EstherOrkester. Giving this piece just the right feeling.

Feel free to send the youtube link to your friends! Enjoy!

Credit shortlist (parital):
Label: Barefoot Records
Producer: Ingrid Sølverud & Kristian Mosvold
Director: Janic Heen
DOP: Hans Kristian Riise
Editor: Charlotte Kahn
Colorist / Online Artist: Dylan R. Hopkin
Additional VFX: Thomas Fosseli

Technical details:
Format: RED One (M)
Aspect: 16:9
Duration: 4 minutes

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