We follow Jonas and Elisabeth who meet each other for the first time on a blind date, in realtime, during one night.

Director / writer Øystein Karlsen has a firm grip on the storytelling and has shown yet again his great talent for creating interesting characters and incredible dialog.
His scriptwriting partner in arms is the uber-talented Kristopher Schau. The main stars are the extremely talented MyAnna Buring and Anders Baasmo Christiansen.

The series received stunning reviews throughout the Norwegian press.

I had the pleasure to grade all 10 episodes of this beautiful story. The brief was a warm, romantic Norwegian summer evening, which slowly transcends to night.
Cinematographer Annika Summerson shot some lovely imagery for me work with. A lot of the series was shot outside during daytime, and the Norwegian summers are notoriously unstable, so I had to pull out my large bag of tricks to maintain a concise grade. The light had to gradually get darker and darker during the 5 hours the story unfolds.

The series was shot in two languages, Norwegian and English. All ten episodes of the Norwegian spoken version premiered on Norway's largest broadcaster, NRK, today.
The English version, "One Night", is currenly in post-production. Which I start grading in a couple of weeks.

Below you can see the colour-flow throughout all ten episodes (ep1 at the top, start frame to the left).

Credit shortlist:
Production Company: Viafilm, NRK
Client: NRK
Producers: Anders Tangen
Director: Øystein Karlsen (9 x episodes), Agnes Kittelsen (1 x episode)
Co-Director: MyAnna Buring (1 x episode)
Screenplay: Øystein Karlsen & Kristopher Schau
Cast: MyAnna Buring, Anders Baasmo Christiansen
DOP: Annika Summerson
Editor: Simen Gengenback
Sound Design: Megaphon
VFX: Nordisk Film ShortCut Oslo
Colourist: Dylan R. Hopkin

Full Credits:

Released: 02.02.2018
Camera: RED Dragon
Aspect: 2:1
Duration: 10 x 30 minutes

Post-production gear:
Offline: Adobe Premiere CC
Grade: Da Vinci Resolve (MAC)
Audio: Digidesign Protools


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