21.12.2016: "Elias og Storegaps Hemmelighet" - FEATURE FILM TEASER - GRADING & ONLINE

Elias, the Little Rescue Boat is back with new adventures. This popular character and his friends have had huge success both with the previous
feature film and TV-series, and has been sold worldwide to a large audience.

I had the pleasure to grade and online the teaser for the next feature film, which premieres autumn 2017.

Check it out!

Credit shortlist:
Production Company: Animando & Qvisten Animation
Animation Studio: Qvisten Animation
Director: Simen Alsvik
Teaser Colourist: Dylan R. Hopkin

Full credits:

Technical details:
Format: 3D Animation
Aspect: 1.85:1
Distribution: Cinema
Duration: 1 minute

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