04.08.09: "Det Regner Inn" - Short Movie: ONLINE / VFX

Short movies are always great fun to work on. "Det Regner Inn" was no exception.

This is a strong story about the friendship between two young girls. One of which who has tried to commit suicide several times.
Her best friend tries to support her troubled friend through her increasing emotional difficulties.

The script is based on a novel written by Ingvild Rishøi.

The short is beautifully shot by DOP Johan-Fredrik Bødtker FNF, and has a smooth contemporary look graded by Camilla Holst Vea.

I did the online and enhanced some of the shots with a couple of subtle vfx.
The film can be seen at short film festivals near you in 2009.

A short excerpt can be viewed here.

Credit shortlist:
Production Company: Kanonfilm
Producers: Knut B. Jensen & Carina E. Brattvik
Director: Vibeke Ringen
DOP: Johan-Fredrik Bødtker FNF
Editor: Thomas Trælnes
Production Design: Merete Bostrøm
Colourist: Camilla Holst Vea
Online / VFX: Dylan R. Hopkin
Sound design: Erik S. Watland
Sound mix: Espen Rønning
Composer: Martin Horntveth

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