Two friends are in different stages of their lives. Monika maintains a strong outer figure, while Irene has fallen in to normal everyday life,
and plans to raise a family. Monika travels back to her hometown to find her bearings in life. She gets in touch with her childhood fiend Irene.
They go to Sheeps Island to try and find some old dairies that they buried in a time capsule as children.
A conversation concerning their past leads to old memories surfacing and emotions escalate.

I had the pleasure to grade this novel film together with director Heide and DOP Vold. Both who are award winning creative.

We narrowed down the colour palette by grading the foliage into a homogenic green hue, and kept the contrast nice and creamy.
Reducing the saturation of the colder hues to maintain a naturalistic grade with a slight hint of a "look".
For the interior bunker scenes we lowered the contrast to emphasize the underlining pressure between the two characters.

Bunker will be screening at film festivals throughout 2015.

In August 2015 Bunker won the award for best short film at The Norwegian International Film Festival Haugesund. (The Amanda-award). Congratulations Vibeke!

Credit shortlist:
Production Company: Senitmeter Film
Director / Writer / Producer: Vibeke Heide
Cast: Marie Blokhus, Esther Grenersen, Stina Bianca Jensen Abelsen, Helene Rapp Karlsen, Hanna Sofie Rennemo, Nora Bøgner, Lill-Karin Styrvoll
DOP: Marte Vold
Film Editor: Karen Gravås
Composer:Anne Lise Frøkedal
Sound Design: Andreas Revheim
Colourist / Online Editor: Dylan R. Hopkin

Full credits:

Camera: Sony F55 (Sony RAW 4K)
Aspect: 1.85:1
Duration: 31 minutes
Release date: Summer 2015

Post-production gear:
Online: Autodesk Smoke
Grade: Da Vinci Resolve (MAC)


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